Lucas Martell is a native of Oak Cliff, Texas. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of North Texas and received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Dallas. Martell’s work has been included in numerous exhibitions and is part of public and private collections.

A monolith rises from the waters, built by hand of saliva, concrete, and stone.

It starts when I recall in detail how an object appeared to me a week ago. Now, mix that with water, adding memories of contours, silhouettes, and lighting. Freeze it. From that recollection I create two scenarios: throw one in hot water and photograph it; throw the other into a blue sky and remember it.

Memorized pictures, fantastical scenarios, and the random evidence of the human hand influence the imagery in my work. Derived from a tug-o-war between retrospective sights and current observations—moving from one place to another. I forcefully manipulate the medium like a balancing act, and the original structure of an object is recaptured to tell a new story.

This new story recalls the myths of earth and sky, primal entities that can both complement and oppose each other. It elicits beliefs, traditions, and metaphors, connecting me to a language I may never know.

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